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 Antique/Classic Tractor Pull Rules

This set of rules, dated October 1st, 2021, supercedes all previous rules by the Officers and Directors of BMAGSEA.

In the interest of safety to participants and spectators, these rules are to be read and obeyed by all participants.

Blue Mt. Antique Gas & Steam Engine Association. Inc. (BMAGSEA) and it's Officers, Directors and Track Officials

reserve the right to disqualify any participant upon infraction of these rules.

Eligibilty of Contestant


1.   Driver must be 13 years of age or older with driving experience at the committee discretion.  All drivers under 18 must have a parent signature.  

2.   NO alcohol allowed!

3.  Foul or abusive language will be grounds for disqualification.

4.  Drivers must follow safety guidelines:

     - Drivers must be firmly seated in the seat at all times in a forward normal upright position.  

     - No standing or bouncing permitted.  

     - Drivers must have at least one hand on the steering wheel except when operating brakes on hand brake models. 

     - Feet must be in general vicinity of clutch and brake at all times.

5. Tractors must be operated in a safe manner at all times using lowest gear on and off the track.


Eligibility of Tractors

6.  Tractors up to 1949 will pull in an Antique Division, while tractors between 1950 and 1970 will pull in a Classic Division.  Any tractor in question as to being within these years limits must bave a serial number in proper place that can be easily read. Tractors must have stock block and no external parts manufactured for tractors built outside class limits. Any tractor that has a serial number or other parts to make a newer tractor appear legal will be disqualified. Responsibility for proof of eligibility shall lie with the owner.

7.  Tractors must be wheel driven. No dual wheel or tire chains. Crawler class to be established if enough interest is shown.

8.  All fans, PTO or exposed moving parts must be shielded. Seats must be stationary, fore and aft. No essential equipment can be removed.

9.  Speed limit 2500 up to and including 6000 classes will be 3.5 MPH, 6500 up to and including 9000 classes will be 4 MPH.

10.  Original type rigid draw bar with a rigid clevis or fixed pulling eye to be 20 inches or lower at pulling point.  If clevis or fixed pulling eye is not used, the highest point of pull will be measured (top of draw bar, washers, or back of twisted clevis). Minimum of 18 inches behind center of axle to pulling point and minimum of 3-inch opening in hitching eye, 2 point and 3 point hitches must be made rigid to prevent lifting during pulling.

11. Any fuel mixture other than gasoline or diesel fuel will be grounds for disqualification.

12. Three thousand (3,000) RPM limit.

13. Tractors will be weighed and placed in WEIGHT classes: 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500, 5000, 5500, 6000, 6500, 7500, 8000, 9000.

14.  Eligibility or tractors according to weight classes:

~2500 pound class - no 6 cylinder engines, tires not to exceed 12.4 x 28 or 13.6 x 24. 
~3000-3500 pound class - no 6 cylinder engines, tires not to exceed 12.4 x 38 or 13.6 x 36.
~4000-4500 pound class - 6 cylinder allowed, tires not to exceed 13.6 x 38 or 14.9 x 34. 
~5000-6000 pound class - 6 cylinder allowed , tires not to exceed 15.5 x 38 or 16.9 x 34.
~6500-7500 pound class - 6 cylinder allowed, tires not to exceed 16.9 x 38 or 18.4 x 34.
~8500-9000 pound class - 6 cylinder allowed, tires not to exceed 18.4 x 38 or 20.8 x 34.

15. In all classes if weights are put on front the weight itself must not exceed more than 11 feet center rear of axle to the tip of the front weight. The weight must not interfere with the steering and or operation of tractor. Weight must be mounted, bolted or secured as to not fall off when tractor is in motion. Falling or moving weights will be grounds for disqualification.

16.  No machine or hand cut tires.  The track officials will decide on whether a tire is legal or not.

17.  Each tractor must go over the scale at the end of their pull.


Contestant Conduct

18. Tractors must stop immediately upon RED FLAG SIGNAL from the Judge or be disqualified. lf the track Judge stops the puller for any reason, the puller takes the distance wbere he was stopped, except within the first 25 feet. They are entitled to one restart.


20. Only two hooks are allowed for each tractor, unless a tie is declared in top-placing tractors. If disqualification is ruled on a top-placing tractor, all other tractors move up in placing. Excessive time will not be allowed for each pull.

21. Tractors will be stopped if front end raises higher than Judge decided is safe. Wheelie bars are acceptable for safety, but are not required, all slack must be out of the sled pulling chain before starting pull. No jackrabbit starts.  No puller shall start pulling until given a GREEN FLAG SIGNAL from the track judge.

22. First tractor to pull in each class will be the test puller. Test puller will have the option to retain that distance of the first pull, or of dropping to third position and pulling again.  If test puller elects to pull in third position, he forfeits first distance pulled.

23 . Any tractor or contestant may be protested, for rules violation or safety reasons, at any time by any member or contestant until fmal placing of the class. A protest judge or judges shall be selected for each pull. Track and protest judges will be current members of  BMAGSEA.



NOTE:  It is BMAGSEA's intention for this Antique Tractor Pull to be a fun event.  We urge participants to conform to the rules and to keep all tractors in as near stock condition as possible as to make an interesting and fun event for competitors and spectators alike. THANK YOU!!!!!!